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Partners - Make Money With Buzzmycoupon

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  • What is Buzzmycoupon ?

    Buzzmycoupon is a venture of Tenacious Techies an IT company engaged in innovated mobile solutions to power local businesses. The portal has been developed to help local businesses compete with the growing online E-Commerce industry in India. Our team is made up of highly talented computer engineers, designers and marketers. The portal is developed to give customers discounted coupons throughout India.

    What kind of work can I do with Buzzmycoupon ?

    Currently we are looking for individuals who have a passion of online marketing, direct sales, telesales and to become financially independent. Our system allows you work to work on your own hours with uncapped earning potential , YES you can EARN AS MUCH AS YOU WANT.

  • Can I promote Tenacious Techies other products and services ?

    Yes , by becoming Buzzmycoupon partner you can even sell our other custom solutions like website design, mobile application development , ticketing system and much more.

    How many hours do I need to work?

    You can work as many hours as you like , but you will need to notify us with updates everyday. It is important if our company has schedule you for an appointment you see the client.

    Am I eligible for PF and other benefits ?

    Our channel partnes are self employed and running their own business so we don’t provide any benefits like Insurance, Provident Fund etc . The BEST BENEFIT working with Buzzmycoupon is to work on your own hours with uncapped earning potential. You will be able to grab lot of exciting discounts and coupons from our online portal.

    Does Buzzmycoupon have Referral Program ?

    Yes, we have designed the system in a way you get recurring benefits of any partner you recommend to Buzzmycoupon.

    How much money can I Earn Monthly?

    Each person is different and the earning depends on their skills and qualifications. If you have more than 1 year working in Advertising sales or any other type of business development , you should be able to earn Rs 50,000/month.

    How will I get paid for the work performed ?

    We pay you directly into your bank account. We will be paying every 2 weeks for Invoice given for the work completed.

  • I am Interested in becoming Buzzmycoupon Partner, How can I Apply?

    You will need to click on the application form on the left saying Partner Application form. Just take a few moment and fill up necessary details and our corporate account manager will contact you.

    Is it possible to apply through Email?

    Our application process is completely online. If you face any issue while filling up the form, you can email us the problem with a snapshot of the screen and we can try to resolve the issue.

    What is the full process after my application ?

    Once you have applied online , we will contact us and give you necessary information along with Test which you will need to Pass in order to become our authorized channel partner .


    How will I know if I have been successful?

    We will notify via email and phone if you have been successful. We only select the best in the industry in order to keep high standards. Once you have been successful and ready to get started we will equip you with necessary material needed to start making money.

    Is it possible for me to Work from Home?

    Yes, we have number of partners who like to work from home.

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