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1. How often the discount coupons added to this website?
2. Where do these coupons come from?
These coupons come directly from the manufacturers, service providers, retailers, service providers and so on.
3. Why don’t I see the local offers in my area?
We may be missing out the famous businesses from some areas. We are trying to increase our reach every passing day and hope that we will soon cover all the famous businesses of the city. If you got some suggestions the do let us know, we will approach the business unit you want to get benefitted from.
4. How long do coupons remain on the site for?
Every coupon remains at least for 30 days on website and at most for the time the respected business owner wants to keep it on website.
5. How is the expiration date determined on offers and coupons?
There is no expiration date for the coupon as the code for claiming the coupon needs to be shown at your interest place will be generated then and there itself. This means that you should claim the discount only if you like the product at you interest place, show it to the concerned business person and avail the discount. The code will be lost as soon as you close the app making the discount removed from your membership account subsequently.
6. How do I use my Coupon?
Whenever you opt for a getting a coupon you will be given a claim code that needs to shown to the respective and authorized business unit person that will enable you to benefit from the displayed offer.
7. How many times I can use a coupon?
Each and every coupon shown on website can be claimed only once for getting the displayed benefit. Once you claim the coupon, a code will be generated and the offer will get subsequently removed for your account particularly.
8. Where can find my coupons?
All the coupons registered with this website are sorted and put in various categories for your ease of search and access. Each category has got certain number of coupons associated with it accordingly which can be used by a member of this website.
9. Is there really any coupon that I need?
Yes we are not only trying to get more and more coupons on our website but also taking care that all the categories have something to serve you. We will take best care of your time spent on our website by making you benefitted by some or the other coupon of you need.
10. Will I really get benefitted on every deal I make?
Each and every deal will give you some kind of benefit that you will be a bit difficult proposition to achieve without the discount coupon for respective deal. We will make sure that you save something on every deal you make as we don’t intend to only advertise our client businesses.
11. Do I have to pay for becoming the member if this website?
The usage of this website and its offers is completely free. No amount is charged either on initial or later stages.
12. What information do you collect from members of this website?
The bare necessary information is collected from user of the website during the time of registration for being a member of this website. None of the sensitive information is collected as specified by law. All the information is collected merely for communication and authenticity with user of website.
13. Do you sell or provide e-mail list to other vendors?
You can completely rely on us regarding the privacy of information as we do not compromise with your personal information with any of the outside parties to our organization. For more information on information privacy, it is suggested you go through our privacy policy.